Friday, July 4, 2008

Africa Calling

Well I was so hopeful go be a great blogger but alas I just can't seem to stay up with it. I miss you all so much:) Let me just give a fast run down of the trip thus far. France how many ways can I say it was beyond beautiful and amazing! I am still stunned by the people I met the mountains I saw and being a foodie the ingredients I got to cook with. French dairy products over the top................ I took so many pictures but had no way to up load them and now the photo card is somewhere on a plane headed home with my Sis. So you will have to wait for them. I am sorry.
After cooking for 10 days we did the Paris thing. The first few times we had a plate of food set in front of us that we did not cook we were in awe:) It was so special to share France with Steph and Julie. And big surprise Julies sister and Niece joined us there. Julie had no idea they were coming. Carrie and Stacy were a wonderful addition to our Paris tour group.
After Paris we had a one day lay over in London. Nice to be back where you can communicate. Fun to ride the double Decker bus. And touring London Tour in detail is now way up there on my list of things I hope to do. Oh and in case you are wondering English dairy products not as good as the French..............sorry Great Brit tin.
Currently I am sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight to Uganda. I just hugged my sister good bye for two month. Not sure how I feel about that.......... I am guessing that by Gods grace this will be an amazing time for me to grow closer to Him and just pour my heart into the the new people around me.
I am praying for you my dear ones and excited to hear from you:)


Dogmommy4 said...

I wish you safe travels, Molly. Steph picked the little girlie up a few days ago. She had a ton-o-fun the entire time she was here with us. Steph was afraid she'd be forgotten but there's no mistaking those little "murfs" of love escaping her lips while snuggly embedded in Steph's arms. Dixie could never forget her Mommy's! Today Stephanie is back at Q. I heard she had over 400 e-mails. Yikes!! We look forward to a travelogue evening when you return.
GOD bless you!
love and hugs - the Deppe Pack

wagamama said...
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wagamama said...

Praying for you, Mols. I am glad to hear a little about your trip so far and can't wait for more updates to come. Lots of love your way!

Sarah D. said...

Yay Molly! I'm so excited for your adventure and pray that you don't get too homesick being away for so long. We should connect after you get home. I really miss you cousin!